Pelle Borsa 始於1943年,當時是一個製作和服配飾為主的小型工場。由那時候開始, 一個日本工廠品牌概念漸漸萌芽,職人追求細膩的手工技巧,不斷鑽研,成為日後Pelle Borsa 對工藝的原則及堅持。從培養工匠到設立工廠,傾盡心血。如今Pelle Borsa已走過70年歷程。


Pelle Borsa不斷成長,成為當今日本極具代表性的工廠品牌之一。即便如此,Pelle Borsa依舊不忘創業初衷,即保證每個細節都是一流品質。Pelle Borsa一直堅持不隨波逐流,風格獨樹一幟的原則。嚴格選材,做工精細,不斷為顧客提供優質產品。

Pelle Borsa was founded in 1943, when it was a small workshop that making kimono accessory for elegant lady. From that time onwards, a Japanese factory brand concept is gradually budding, craftsman chasing delicate skills, continuing to study, in which turning into the belief and principles for Pelle Borsa over the decades. 

From nurturing quality craftsmen to establishing factories. Till now, Pelle Borsa has served its valued customers for over 70 years. Pelle Borsa continues to grow, and has become one of Japan’s most historical handbag brand. Even so, Pelle Borsa never forgets its core value from its founding moments, and continues to strive for quality in every single detail.

Pelle Borsa stands firm on its style and belief. From strictness in material selection to quality of craftsmanship, Pelle Borsa continues to create quality artistry handbags from the heart to bring a smile to our customers.